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Storage Unit Lighting

Storage Unit Lighting

Brightly lit indoor storage units in a long hallway

Storage units are ubiquitous throughout the country, encompassing large areas with significant illumination requirements for usability as well as safety. These facilities require both indoor and outdoor illumination, utilizing multiple types of lighting fixtures to accomplish this. Because of the often isolated location of these facilities, choosing the right lighting is critical for the safety of users as well as reducing the likelihood of crime and theft.

Thankfully, the choice for storage facility owners has never been easier with modern LED lighting technologies. Not only do these lights have a considerably longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, they also have much better performance and energy efficiency. Thanks to the higher color rendering capabilities of LED technology, these lights provide far better visibility than the sodium or fluorescent lighting traditionally used in this application.

Storage Unit Fixture Types

Wall Packs

These lights are designed to mount on the sides of buildings or vertical walls, and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. They are attached directly to the wall and can be wired using conduit connectors or wiring directly behind the fixture itself.

A medium sized LED wall pack is shown with a clear diffuser lens facing the viewer
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Flood Lights

Designed for illuminating wide areas, these lights produce powerful illumination with a broad beam angle. Intended to be mounted from poles, buildings or other hard surfaces, these lights are perfect for illuminating walkways, parking lots and other areas with foot or vehicle traffic.

Trunnion mount style flood light with clear lens showing LED array and adjustable mount installed for mounting on any flat surface such as walls, poles and exterior surfaces
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Strip Lights

Perfect for interior areas, these simple and straightforward fixtures are easy and inexpensive to install. They are often used in hallways of indoor storage facilities, as well as the interiors of the units themselves.

T8 Strip Fixture
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Street Lights

Designed for maximum illumination output in an outdoor environment, these lights are perfect for the parking areas of storage facilities. Designed with a nearly indestructible housing, LED street lights have a long service life and can be seamlessly integrated into existing light poles.

A straits stf series led street light is shown with its reflector facing down and a photo cell mounted on the top
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Outdoor Storage Lighting

There are multiple types of fixtures used for outdoor storage facilities, which are selected based on the specific area that is to be illuminated and its foot candle requirements. The most obvious area to be illuminated is the ingress/egress areas where the storage units are accessed, which are typically either narrow driveways or walkways in between rows of units. The most popular fixtures for this purpose are flood lights and wall packs, which provide powerful and broad illumination across a large area.

Other areas such as parking areas and service walkways are typically illuminated by pole mounted lights, such as street lights and high powered flood lights. These lights are ideal because they are mounted high above parking lots and roadways in order to ensure clearance for vehicles, while still being powerful enough to properly illuminate the ground below. This is due to their high lumen output and wide beam angle.

Indoor Storage Lighting Types

Just like outdoor storage facility lighting, indoor storage facilities utilize a variety of different types of fixtures to provide proper illumination. Many indoor storage facilities have multiple stories, with long hallways and corridors that need to be illuminated, in addition to the units themselves. These areas do not require the same level of weather resistance and durability as outdoor lighting but often require a larger number of lights due to the lack of natural lighting present.

Generally speaking, the most popular style of light for indoor storage facilities are strip lights, due to their low cost, ease of installation and solid performance. These are typically used in both hallways as well as the interior of the units. In addition to strip lights, wall packs are also used to provide low profile and durable lighting for hallways and entryways.