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Walk in Cooler LED Lights

LED Walk In Cooler Lights & Cold Storage LED Lighting

When it comes to cold storage lighting, you need fixtures that are vapor tight and certified to withstand cold conditions. We sell top quality LED walk in cooler lights that are IP66 Rated against wet or cold environments. These commercial LED lighting fixtures save energy costs while providing a reliable source of illumination for any cold storage unit.

LED Lighting For Walk in Coolers

LED vapor tight fixture with LED tubes enclosed in a cold resistant casing mounted on the ceiling of a walk in cooler illuminating cases of beer

In recent years, LED technology has come to dominate all forms of commercial lighting applications. The food service and retail industry is no exception to this, as lighting is critical for workers to function in kitchens and other work areas. It is also critical for food storage areas, such as pantries and walk in coolers. These areas often are packed full of food, drinks and other supplies, usually resulting in limited visibility for users.

This is especially concerning when it involves walk-in coolers that are open to the public, such as a retail grocery or convenience store. These are high traffic areas which require quality lighting that produces maximum visibility to reduce the possibility of accidents, trip hazards and other mishaps. In the past, this was accomplished using traditional lighting options, such as fluorescent and incandescent lighting technologies. These lighting options were sufficient but they lacked real performance potential.

With the emergence of high performance LED lighting technology over the past decade, there are now far better illumination options available for walk-in cooler and cold storage applications. There are several game changing benefits to upgrading to LED lighting, namely the improvements in energy efficiency, lighting quality and durability when compared to traditional options.

Walk in Cooler & Cold Storage Lighting Design

There are multiple factors that come into play when configuring overhead lighting for walk-in coolers and cold storage rooms. The first factor that comes into play is the ceiling height, as the distance from the light to the ground will affect the usable lumen output for the room. In addition to this, the spread of the light (beam angle) and lumen output will affect the number of fixtures used, as well as the specific location of the lights within the room. Below is an example of a lighting design for a standard sized walk-in cooler.

Photometric plan for a standard sized walk-in cooler. This shows the dimensions of the cooler, as well as the fixture configuration and lighting properties.

Advantages of LEDs

One of the most obvious advantages of upgrading to LED technology is the huge improvement in energy efficiency. These lights are typically between 60-70% more efficient than traditional lighting fixtures, which saves users a tremendous amount throughout the lifetime of the unit. In addition to this, LEDs are far more durable and shock resistant than fluorescent or incandescent lights, and require none of the regular maintenance associated with traditional fixtures - which saves users both time and costs in replacement parts.

On top of the cost savings advantage, these lights are also ideal for environments that necessitate maximum visibility. When compared to traditional lighting, LED lights score considerably higher on the Color Rendering Index (CRI), which means much higher visibility for employees, customers and any other users of walk-in coolers and cold storage facilities. The higher visibility not only is easier on the eyes, it also reduces the possibility of accidents and mishaps.

Cold Storage Lighting

Commercial grade LED light bulbs encased with proper cold resistant fixtures are one of the most ideal solutions of cold storage lighting. In fact, the U.S. The Department of Energy published a study that discusses the importance of using LED lighting for cold storage applications. According to the study,

“Cold temperatures present a challenge for fluorescent lamps. At low temperatures, higher voltage is required to start fluorescent lamps, and luminous flux is decreased…This makes LEDs a natural fit for grocery store refrigerated and freezer cases, cold storage facilities, and outdoor applications.” (U.S. Department of Energy, 2008, LED Application Series: Using LEDs to Their Best Advantage).

In addition to the increased functionality while in operation, these LED fixtures have a considerably longer lifespan in these extreme environments than traditional lighting. This means less downtime for users, as well as reduced long term operating costs. This makes LED lights a smart choice for cold storage and walk-in cooler storage.

IP65 Rated Fixtures

Two LED vapor proof fixtures mounted on the ceiling of a walk in freezer illuminating the cases of beer inside

One of the largest contributing factors to the durability of LED fixtures for walk-in cooler storage is their sealed construction. Particularly in lights such as vapor tight fixtures, this prevents condensation and moisture naturally present in refrigerated environments from making its way into the light and damaging the sensitive electronics. Fixtures with an IP65 rating are ideal for walk-in coolers and cold storage rooms, as they provide excellent protection against moisture ingress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of lights do you use for a walk-in cooler?
Because these coolers typically do not have high ceilings, vapor tight linear fixtures are an ideal choice. They provide a broad beam of light that clearly illuminates the area below while also being sealed against moisture for long term durability.

Q. How to install led lights in a walk-in cooler?
These lights can be hung by chains or mounted directly to the ceiling depending on the particular cooler in question. Typically however these lights are flush mounted to ceilings in order to maximize headroom. Because they are almost always hardwired in place, we strongly recommend consulting a licensed electrician to perform an installation.

Q. What is an IP65 Rating?
This is a rating that guarantees a piece of electronic or electrical equipment is dust tight, and protected against water jets or mild pressurized water from a nozzle. In the context of lighting, it means that fixtures are protected against rain, water splashes and condensation - however they are not waterproof and should not be subjected to submersion under water for any length of time.