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Stairway Light Fixtures

Indoor Stair Lighting

Commercial LED Lights offers a host of solutions for all types of indoor stairway lighting applications. Our fixtures offer cutting edge technology for bright illumination with excellent energy efficiency. Our selection includes vapor-tight lights for durable, weather-resistant performance, emergency battery backup options to meet regulatory compliance, and motion-sensing technology for enhanced functionality and safety. Discover the perfect blend of form and function in our range of stairway lighting choices, designed to cater to every need.

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  1. 2ft XFit Stairwell Fixture | Keystone
    2ft XFit Stairwell Fixture | Keystone
    • Brand:Keystone
    • Watts:15W / 20W / 25W
    • Lumens:15W (3500K: 1,750 / 4000K: 1,850 / 5000K: 1,800) 20W (3500K: 2,350 / 4000K: 2,450 / 5000K: 2,400) 25W (3500K: 2,950 / 4000K: 3,050 / 5000K: 3,000)
    • Kelvin:3500K/4000K/5000K
    • Voltage:120-277V
    • Lens:Frosted
  2. 4ft XFit Stairwell Fixture | Keystone
    4ft XFit Stairwell Fixture | Keystone
    • Brand:Keystone
    • Watts:30W / 35W / 45W
    • Lumens:30W (3500K: 3,550 / 4000K: 3,650 / 5000K: 3,600) 35W (3500K: 4,150 / 4000K: 4,250 / 5000K: 4,200) 45W (3500K: 5,350 / 4000K: 5,450 / 5000K: 5,400)
    • Kelvin:3500K/4000K/5000K
    • Voltage:120-277V
    • Lens:Frosted
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Indoor Lighting for Stairwell

Commercial and industrial buildings of all types, shapes and sizes have stairways to allow for employees and customers to traverse to different levels as well as enter and exit buildings. Stairways and the surrounding areas are critical for everyday operations and usually have significant foot traffic. Because they are also inherently more prone to accidents than other areas of a building, visibility is essential. Whether they be indoor or outdoor, stairway lighting has always been an important part of facility design.

Thankfully, lighting technology has improved massively over the past decade, with significant advancements in performance, cost reduction and reliability. At Commercial LED Lights, we are proud to provide state-of-the-art stairway lighting solutions for all types of applications, whether they be indoor or outdoor areas. These lights ensure the safety and security of users, and save owners a significant amount operating costs while providing superior performance.

Stairway that is being illuminated by a strip light

Indoor Stair Lighting Fixture Types

Interior stairways such as those found within commercial office buildings are usually quite flexible regarding the type of fixture that can be used. There are several common fixture types used in these applications, which are often used in conjunction with each other in different areas of a stairwell for the most effective lighting configuration possible. Below are the three most common fixture types used in indoor stairwell lighting applications:

Stairwell Fixtures Specifically designed for stairwell applications, stairwell fixtures are intended to mount in vertical surfaces such as walls along the side of stairwells, around turns or other important areas. They project a beam of light downwards, which is activated by motion sensors which feature an adjustable detection range with a time delay.
Stairwell lighting fixture mounted on the wall inside the stairwell of an office building
Suspended / Strip Lighting Fixtures Designed as an all purpose fixture, these lights are ideal for overhead lighting of stairwells, particularly over areas with bends and turns where lighting above is important. These fixtures are durable, cost effective and energy efficient, making them one of the most common fixtures used for stairway applications.
Suspended strip lighting fixture illuminating a single stairway below
Vapor Tight Fixtures Designed specifically for areas where moisture and humidity concerns exist, these fixtures are commonly used in interior stairwell applications that lead into outdoor areas or entryways. They have a sealed housing that prevents the ingress of moisture, dirt and dust to ensure continued reliable operation of these fixtures over the long term.
Vapor tight lighting fixture mounted on the wall of a stairwell inside a parking structure

Emergency Battery Backup

Battery Backup Units are a vital component in stairway lighting systems, providing an essential layer of safety during power outages. These units are designed to kick in automatically when the main power supply is interrupted, ensuring that lights remain operational. This is particularly critical in emergency situations where well-lit stairways are crucial for the safe evacuation of occupants from a building.

In the context of stairway lighting, a battery backup can maintain illumination for a designated period, typically enough to allow everyone to exit the building safely. The duration of the backup power can vary depending on the unit's capacity and the lighting requirements of the stairwell.

Installing battery backup units is not only a practical safety measure but also a requirement under many building codes and safety regulations. They ensure that, even during unexpected power failures, lighting remains consistent and reliable, reducing the risk of accidents or injury during evacuations and providing peace of mind for both building owners and occupants.

We offer stairwell lighting fixtures with emergency battery backup options.

Motion Activated Stairway Lighting Fixtures

Motion Activated Stairway Lighting Fixtures are an intelligent lighting solution that combines convenience, energy efficiency, and safety. These fixtures are equipped with sensors that detect movement, triggering the lights to turn on when someone is using the stairs and off when the stairs are unoccupied. This smart technology ensures that stairways are well-lit when needed, providing safe passage for individuals while also conserving energy when the area is not in use.

The benefits of motion-activated fixtures in stairwells are multifaceted. They eliminate the need for manual switch operation, which is particularly useful in hands-free situations or when carrying items. These fixtures can also serve as a security measure, deterring unauthorized access by illuminating the presence of movement. Moreover, they contribute to a building’s overall energy management strategy by reducing wasted electricity, leading to cost savings and a lower environmental impact.

Motion-activated stairway lighting is ideal for both commercial and residential buildings, including office complexes, apartment buildings, and hotels, where the flow of traffic can be unpredictable. By providing lighting on demand, these fixtures ensure that stairwells are safely and efficiently illuminated, enhancing the functionality and security of the space.

We offer stairway lighting fixtures with motion sensor technology.

Why Use LEDs?

There are a multitude of reasons why using LEDs for stairway lighting is the best choice, namely improvements in both energy efficiency and also improved visibility and lighting quality. Additionally, the LED bulbs and fixtures have a much longer usable lifespan, meaning less down time for stairways, staircases and stairwell areas. This is especially important for faculties with a limited number of staircases, or areas where there is high traffic and significant costs associated with delays caused by downtime.

As mentioned previously, visibility is one of the top priorities for stairway applications, as most trip and fall accidents are a result of poor visibility causing an individual to lose their footing or misjudge a steps location. Contrary to popular belief, visibility isn’t entirely reliant strictly on lumen output. Having a high lighting accuracy is also important, which is measured using the Color Rendering Index (CRI). LED lights have the highest CRI ratings in the lighting industry, resulting in less eye strain and easier color recognition and therefore improved visibility.

On top of improved visibility and longer lifespans, LEDs also are significantly more energy efficient than their traditional counterparts. In fact, when upgrading to LED technology, users often find they save up to 70% more in energy costs when compared to their old lighting setups. This energy savings is very important for commercial and industrial applications where lights are often on for extended periods of time, often 24/7. The savings in electricity costs alone usually covers the costs of an upgrade within the first year of operation.