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Industrial Lights

Warehouse & Industrial Lighting

Warehouse and industrial settings require specialized lighting fixtures in order to withstand harsh environments. These environments may include exposure to heat, water, or dust. Industrial lighting should also provide necessary wattage and lumens without the need for maintenance. We offer top quality LED high bays, low bays, and industrial fixtures. Our fixtures are designed with cutting-edge technology for maximum performance, durability, and energy-efficiency.

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Industrial Lighting Types

Bright LED high bay lights illuminating an indoor industrial warehouse area with construction equipment

LED High Bay Lights - The most common category of industrial lighting are high bays. These lighting fixtures are specially designed to illuminate areas that have ceilings higher than 20 feet. There are many types of high bays such as UFO’s, linear high bays, etc.

UFO High Bays - The name UFO high bay is derived from the fact the lighting fixture is shaped like a UFO. This circular design allows the fixture to effectively provide necessary illumination from a high ceiling height.

Linear High Bays - Linear high bays have a strip shaped design and use long LED tubes to provide illumination. These lights are known for high energy efficiency and are commonly used throughout airports, airplane hangers, large gyms, storage facilities, recreational centers, etc. Although these high bays fill many industrial needs, they also have commercial uses such as office buildings and schools.

Industrial Low Bay Fixtures - Low bay lights are used to provide lighting in areas with ceilings that are under 20 feet. Since these areas don’t require as strong of illumination as high bays, low bays are specifically designed to provide necessary illumination without unnecessary consumption of energy.

LED Corn Lamps - An LED corn bulb is a highly durable bulb that’s used within industrial and commercial fixtures. The Lighting Beam 360 LED Corn Lamp we offer is an excellent replacement for metal halides, high-pressure sodium lamps, and CFL bulbs. Our bulbs have shatterproof construction and high efficiency LED chips which ensure a long lifespan.

LED Retrofit Kits - We offer high quality retrofit kits to replace traditional HID fixtures. This includes replacing the bulbs for street lamps, high bays, wall packs, canopy fixtures, and floodlights.

Warehouse Lighting

Warehouses require specially designed lighting fixtures that are able to provide necessary illumination over a wide area. Additionally, it’s important that these lighting fixtures can withstand prolonged use and harsh environments while requiring little to no maintenance.

Having an ideal lighting solution for warehouses will improve visibility within the facility while maximizing energy-efficiency. Not only does this save energy costs for a business, but also helps to reduce workplace accidents and improve productivity. Many reputable safety organizations recognize the importance of having proper illumination in industrial facilities.For example, the Teamsters provide information on the importance of lighting in warehouses on their website:

“Workers at a warehouse need to spot oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, slippery floors and other hazards in time to prevent injuries and accidents. Areas of the warehouse that require lighting include the loading dock, shipping and receiving areas, open storage areas, and rack storage…”
- Teamsters Safety & Health Facts, 2004, Lighting (Illumination) in Warehouses.

Our company offers top quality steel constructed UFO high bays for illuminating a wide area with a high ceiling along with low-bay lighting fixtures for lower areas. We use LEDs as our source of lighting to give our customers a high quality environmentally friendly lighting option that increases their bottom line in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is industrial lighting?
Industrial lighting is a fairly broad term usually used to describe lighting fixtures for industrial units such as warehouses, factories, machine shops, storage buildings, etc. This category differs slightly from commercial lighting which involves lighting solutions for applications such as office buildings or retail stores. With that said, there’s often overlap between commercial and industrial. As a result, the two are often used interchangeably.

When you consider the term “industrial grade” this usually means well constructed and highly durable for maximum use. This term applies to lighting as well since these lights are manufactured to withstand prolonged use and harsh industrial environments.

In short, industrial lighting is a category of lighting that’s specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of industrial environments.

Q. Where are industrial lights used?
Industrial lights are used in many different industries and have many different uses. Basically, these lights are necessary in anywhere that has a ceiling higher than 20 feet, requires exposure to harsh environments, or requires the ability to withstand heavy prolonged use. Common uses for industrial lights include:

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Basketball arenas
  • Airports
  • Ice rinks
  • Storage facilities
  • Power plants
  • Conference halls
  • Machine shops
  • Event centers
  • Large gyms

Q. What type of lights are used in warehouses?
Warehouses require specialized lighting products due to the large area required for lighting and necessary durability against prolonged use and harsh conditions. These lighting fixtures need to be industrial quality and certified for safety against environmental factors such as dust, heat, etc. Common examples of warehouse lighting fixtures include:

  • LED High Bay Lights
  • UFO High Bays
  • Linear High Bays
  • Low Bay Lighting Fixtures

Q. What are high bays?
As suggested by the name, high bay fixtures are used to provide lighting within areas that have high ceilings. Ceilings that are considered “high” by industry standards generally range from 20-40 feet. Naturally, areas that have a high ceiling require more illumination; thus, require a more powerful lighting source. High bay lights are specifically designed to illuminate these areas.

Q. What are low bays?
Unlike high bays, low bay lighting fixtures are used to provide lighting in areas with low ceilings. Ceilings that are considered “low” by industry standards are generally under 20 feet. Since these areas don’t require as powerful of a lighting source, low bays are specifically designed to provide necessary illumination without unnecessary consumption of energy.

Q. Why use LED lighting?
There are many benefits to using LEDs for industrial applications. One of the main benefits is that LEDs are more energy efficient as opposed to traditional lighting methods such as fluorescents. This is key since industrial environments often require lights to undergo heavy prolonged use. In other words, using LEDs will save substantial energy costs in the long term. Other benefits of LED lighting include:

  • Little to no maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Less CO2 emissions
  • Safer working environments
  • Easy to replace
  • Higher quality illumination