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Sign Projector

Custom LED Sign Projector

Introducing a new cutting-edge solution for worker and pedestrian safety. The LED sign projector we offer uses cutting-edge LED technology to protect workers, reduce accidents, and ensure compliance. This projector casts highly visible LED warning signs such as stop signs, caution signs, and custom signs with virtually any other desired label.

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  1. LED Sign Projector - 80W Safety Light
    LED Sign Projector - 80W Safety Light
    • Brand:Straits Lighting
    • Watts:80W
    • Lumens:9,6600
    • Kelvin:6500K
    • Voltage:85-265V AC
    • Certifications:IP65, RoHS
    • Rated Life Hours:30,000
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Safety Light Projector Features

A diagram showing the size ranges of signs as distance increases from a logo projector light

The safety light projector uses state-of-the-art LED technology to cast virtual signs on floors or walls. The projector is remote operated; the images can be turned on/off, changed, or be set with a timer at the discretion of the operator.

The projector comes with adjustable 90 degree mounting and is recommended for up to 50 feet. The logos projected by this device are interchangeable and customizable. Up to three different logos can be uploaded at a time with one, two, three, four and full color options.

Virtual LED Stop Sign Projector

A stop sign symbol is illuminated onto an open door using a logo projector light

The LED stop sign is one of the most popular signs used for the projector. The projector casts a highly visible and realistic red and white LED stop sign that warns vehicle or foot traffic of possible oncoming danger. This offers an excellent solution to reduce accidents particularly in high traffic areas.

Another advantage of using a projector for an LED stop sign is it allows you to place the signage in areas where traditional signs aren’t convenient. This provides an excellent option for aisles, walkways, busy forklift areas, and damp locations where typical signage won’t adhere.

Other Commonly Used Virtual LED Signs

A chart showing the sign designs available with logo projector lights

The sign projector logos are customizable and interchangeable. The device can cast virtually any type of safety or warning sign used in industrial or commercial areas. Some of the most common virtual LED signs used by our projector are listed below.

Forklift Safety Sign - The projector can cast a visible yellow and black forklift safety sign that warns foot traffic of possible danger and ensures aisles are clear for forklift operators. This is an excellent replacement for traditional forklift caution stickers since these can be covered or eroded overtime, particularly in industrial areas such as warehouses.

PPE Sign - Certain industrial areas require workers to utilize proper personal protection equipment (PPE). The projector can cast yellow and black PPE required signs on the walls or floors of these areas. This not only protects workers but can help ensure OSHA compliance and protect a company against liability.

Caution Sign - There are many types of caution signs used to warn pedestrians and workers of oncoming danger. The LED sign projector can cast a variety of these signs to warn people of hazardous environments. Since these signs are virtual, there is no need to worry about wear and tear or environmental factors.

Pedestrian Crossing Sign - Pedestrian crossing signs are a very commonly used sign in areas where vehicles and pedestrians may intersect. The projector can emulate this black and white pedestrian crossing sign around walkways, or on the floors or walls of virtually any area.

OSHA Signage Requirements

The Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHA) has specifications for accident prevention signs and tags under OSHA Standard 1910.145. This standard requires that all new signs and replacements of old signs shall be in accordance with specifications outlined in this section.

The safety and warning signs used by our LED sign projector cover categories of signage outlined by OSHA and can help ensure safety and compliance throughout the workplace.