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LED Wall Packs

LED Wall Pack Lights

Looking for a reliable wall mounted light? Illuminate the outside of your building or replace existing lighting fixtures with our high quality LED wall packs.

Standard Wall Packs

Traditional LED wall packs with built in photocell for general exterior and wall lighting

A medium sized LED wall pack is shown with a clear diffuser lens facing the viewer
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Adjustable Head

Slim-adjustable wall mounted fixtures for directional exterior illumination

A compact adjustable wall pack is shown on an angle to the viewer with its array of LEDs visible behind the clear lens
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High Output Wall Packs

High powered LED wall packs for commercial and industrial outdoor wall lighting

A large LED wall pack is shown directly facing the viewer with its clear diffuser lens
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Photocell (Dusk to Dawn Lights)

Dusk to Dawn LED wall packs for energy-efficient outdoor wall lighting

A compact LED wall pack is shown with a clear diffuser lens facing the viewer on an angle
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  1. 120 watt standard LED wall pack used for outside wall mounted lighting facing forward
    120W LED Wall Pack | 17160 Lumens | 5000 Kelvin | Cascade WPG3
    • Brand:Straits Lighting
    • Watts:120W
    • Lumens:17160
    • Kelvin:5000K
    • Voltage:100/277V
    • HID Equal:400W Metal Halide
    • Base:Wall Mount / Junction Box
    • Beam Angle:120°
    • Lens:Glass
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Information on Wall Packs

A building illuminating a parking lot at night with LED Wall Packs

Wall packs are wall mounted lighting fixtures which provide illumination and security around the exterior of buildings during evening hours. These lights are commonly used around walkways, back entrances, mandoors, and other areas around building perimeters. Wall packs were traditionally designed as HID and fluorescent fixtures; however, LED wall packs are now a more energy efficient and eco-friendly alternative.

We carry LED wall packs in a variety of styles, wattages, and brightness. We’ll discuss details surrounding the various types of wall packs we offer below.

LED Wall Packs Styles

Traditional - The traditional or standard style broadcasts illumination over a broad area. Simply put, these lights are designed to light large areas for perimeter security.

Slim - The slim style is designed for directional lighting on specific areas. They can be pointed downward and be levered to around 45 degrees.

Adjustable - As the name suggests, you can adjust an adjustable wall light to point lighting in a specific direction.

Down Light - Down light wall packs contain a row of LEDs that faces downward. This allows the fixture to light the building wall and area right up close to the building.

About Our Products

Cascade Series - The Cascade Series is a top quality brand of LED wall packs that are manufactured by Straits Lighting. This Series of wall packs come in three separate types: WMK, WPG3, and WMN.

WMK WMK Wall Packs are a slim adjustable style fixture that can easily be pointed up or down. This flexibility allows for lighting in narrow spaces and highly directional illumination for specific areas. WMK’s are also dimmable and photo sensor compatible. These are great for lighting around alleyways and walkways. WMK Series Wall Pack from Straits Lighting
WPG3 WPG Wall Packs are a traditional style fixture used for broad areas around buildings. Many people prefer using a glass lens with this product as it’s ideal for dissipating light. This product comes with a photocell; however, it’s not required for use. WPG3 Series LED Wall Pack from Straits Lighting
WMN WMN Wall Packs are a standard design that has a row of LEDs facing downward which allows precise illumination close to the building. One unique feature of this lighting fixture is that it spreads light out by using a lens for each LED diode. The product is compatible with a photocell. WMN Series LED Wall Pack from Straits Lighting

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a wall pack light?
Wall pack lights are wall mounted outdoor fixtures that provide illumination around building exteriors at night. These fixtures are the most popular outdoor commercial light in the United States.

Q. Where are wall packs used?
These outdoor lighting fixtures are mounted on the walls of building exteriors and used to provide security and illumination around the perimeter. This includes lighting for walkways, alleyways, flagpoles, entrances, exits, mandoors, etc.

Q. Do they come with a photocell?
Our LED wall packs are photocell compatible. Some of them come with the photocell included and others do not. If you’re looking to include the photocell with your purchase, it’s important to check the product descriptions and specifications prior to buying.