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Oil Rig Lighting

Oil Rig Lighting

An oil rig in the middle of the ocean during dusk

Oil rigs are a critical part of the global energy infrastructure. These rigs can be exceptionally dangerous if proper safety precautions and procedures are not followed, which includes having the right lighting to properly illuminate work areas. There are many different types of areas within an oil rig, each with its own specific illumination requirements. We carry specialized LED explosion proof lights to ensure proper illumination and safety for both on-shore and off-shore oil fields. Our lights are marine-grade as well as Class 1 Division 1 certified to withstand harsh industrial conditions.

Oil Rig Lighting Fixtures

Marine Grade Flood Lights

Use for exterior oil rig illumination and security

Square explosion proof High Bay Light
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Jelly Jar Lights

Shatterproof light bulbs encased in a metal cage with flexible mounting to any flat surface

40W LED Explosion Proof Jelly Jar Light
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Marine Grade High Bays

Use for indoor hazardous locations with ceiling heights above 10 feet

A round Explosion Proof High Bay
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Vapor Tight Lights

Ex-Proof linear fixtures with extra protection against water vapor

4ft Vapor Tight fixture
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Marine Grade Linear Lights

Heavy duty LED linear lighting fixtures for marine or hazardous locations

A 4ft Explosion Proof Linear Light
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On-Shore Oilfield Lighting

Drilling rig lights on top of an oil drilling structure illuminating the oil field during dawn hours

On-shore oil fields are facilities that are dedicated to harvesting oil from land. These facilities may or may not operate next to water. We offer top quality drilling rig lights and other LED oilfield lighting systems. Many of our fixtures are Class 1 Division 1 Certified to withstand hazardous locations where lighting fixtures are at risk of explosion due to the buildup of gasses. We also offer a variety of other fixtures for non-hazardous locations at a lower price point.

Off-Shore Oil Rig Lighting

Oil rig in the ocean during mid day

Off-shore oil rigs are platform based facilities that harvest oil from marine and oceanic environments. We offer state-of-the-art marine-grade industrial rig lights that are certified to withstand these harsh environments, including protection against corrosion from salt water. These lights include a variety of Class 1 Division 1 and Division 2 fixtures as well as other lighting systems for non-hazardous locations within the drilling rig platform.

Types of Oil Rig Lights

Explosion Proof Fixtures
Designed for areas with potentially explosive gasses, vapors, dust or mist present, these fixtures are specially designed to seal electronic components from the outside atmosphere in order to prevent accidental ignition. They are ideal for areas such as the drilling sections of rigs where there is a good chance of accidental underground gas release, as well as areas directly handling the crude oil itself.

Flood Lights
Flood lights are perfect for non-explosive zones of an oil rig such as outdoor walkways, platforms and general area lighting. They are constructed with durable weatherproof aluminum housing and impact resistant lens to protect against general wear and tear. With multiple mounting options available, these lights are highly versatile and easy to install.

Crane Safety Lights
Intended for use on overhead cranes used for lifting drilling components, equipment and more, these lights produce a beam pattern on the ground surrounding the load being lifted in order to create an exclusionary safety zone. For the often busy working environment that is part of oil rigs, these lights are critical for preventing workers from inadvertently walking or standing under overhead loads that potentially injure or kill them were it to accidentally fall.

Pole Mounted Lights
Ideal for large outdoor areas such as parking facilities, landing pads and loading docks, pole mounted lights (also known as street lights) are designed to be mounted high above for maximum clearance and wide light distribution. Built with exceptionally durable alloy housings sealed from all types of weather conditions, they are ideal for the harsh conditions typically encountered in outdoor environments such as those around oil rigs.

Specific Lighting Areas

Oil rigs have various zones or areas with different lighting requirements in order to provide proper illumination. Among the many different regulations in place for health and safety, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) lays out specific regulations regarding lighting for areas within oil rigs. It is therefore important for employers to see that these areas are illuminated according to at least the bare minimum requirements laid out by OSHA in order to ensure compliance and worker safety.

One of the main areas of a rig requiring illumination is the actual drilling platform area. This area has the harshest environmental conditions, with the possibility of unintentional natural gas releases, well blowouts, and more. Having explosion proof lighting is critical for these areas, as it shields the electronic components of these fixtures from any combustible petroleum products, thereby preventing accidental ignitions, fires and explosions.

Other areas of rigs with less extreme environments such as offices, safety buildings and crew quarters will typically utilize wall packs, drop ceiling lights, and vapor tight lights. These lights are cost effective, straightforward to install and require little maintenance. The style of fixture chosen is largely dependent on the dimensions of the area in question, as well as mounting height and foot candle requirements.

For areas such as crane loading zones, crane safety warning lights are commonly chosen to create an exclusion zone around an overhead load being carried. These prevent workers from accidentally being crushed or seriously injured in the event a load falls to the ground below. Typically, immediately adjacent to loading zones are large parking or storage areas that require significant lumen output to properly illuminate the ground below. These areas are typically illuminated by flood lights due to their broad beam and high lumen output.

LED Oilfield Lighting

Over the past decade, there have been many advancements in LED technology that have boosted the performance, lifespan and effectiveness of lighting for oil rigs and petroleum facilities. Considering the potential safety risks associated with lighting malfunctions, as well as the costs associated with downtime, choosing the best quality lighting possible is an easy decision for rig owners, operators and faculty managers.