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Explosion Proof Jelly Jar Lights

LED Explosion Proof Jelly Jar Lights

Our explosion proof jelly jar lights are class 1 division 1 certified and designed to withstand exposure to flammable gasses, liquids, combustible dusts, and other harsh environments. These cage-encased LED bulbs provide high quality illumination from ceilings, walls, pendants, or poles.

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  1. 25° Explosion Proof Wall Mount with Junction Box
    25° Explosion Proof Wall Mount with Junction Box
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    Compatible With EPC Jelly Jar Lights and A/B/C/D2 series High Bays/Flood Lights Learn More
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Jelly Jar Lighting Fixtures

A jelly jar light is a specially designed explosion proof lighting fixture that is made to operate in some of the most harsh environments. The fixture has a light bulb that’s encased in a stainless steel cage which is shaped like a jar, hence the name “jelly jar.”

These small yet durable fixtures are typically found in paint warehouses, marine vessels, power plants, chemical manufacturing facilities, and other hazardous locations.

The LED jelly jar lighting fixtures we carry use cutting-edge LED technology and come with a variety of flexible mounting options. These explosion proof lights can be mounted on ceilings, walls, poles, or utilize a pendant mount.

Jelly Jar Lighting Applications

Jelly jar lights are a highly versatile form of explosion proof lighting that can be mounted on virtually any flat surface. They can also be used in conjunction with pole or pendant mounts. As a result, the application for jelly jar lights are endless. Here are some popular jelly jar lighting applications,

An oil refinery is shown with piping and storage tanks illuminated by explosion proof LED lighting fixtures
Oil Refinery

A power plant is shown with steam coming out of the exhaust stacks, illustrating the importance of explosion proof lighting and electrical shielding
Power Generation

A metal foundry and treatment plant is shown pouring liquid metal into a casing mold, illuminated by explosion proof LED lights
Metal Treatment

A stack of grain silos is shown, illuminated by explosion proof LED lights to protect against spontaneous combustion of grain dust
Food Industry

LED Jelly Jar Light Mounting

Grid of 4 images showing the different mounting options for jelly jar lights, such as a wall mount and ceiling mount

Wall Mount - Wall mounting is a popular option for LED jelly jar lights as they are commonly attached to the walls of industrial facilities or marine vessels. The fixture can be wired with an existing electrical setup or you can use an arm mount or junction box accessory for a wire-tucked streamlined install.

Ceiling Mount - Jelly jar lights are routinely wired to the ceilings of commercial and industrial facilities to cast light downward. This allows jelly jars to be used for low bay lighting, and in some cases, high bay lighting. In order to mount a jelly jar fixture on a ceiling, you need to punch the tapping on the top of the mounting brackets and fix the lamp to the top with bolts.

Pole Mount - LED jelly jar lights can also be mounted on light poles either inside or outside a facility. You can install this fixture to a light pole by punch tapping on the top of the mounting bracket and tightening the set screw onto the pole.

The fixture can be wired with an existing electrical setup or you can use a 25 or 90 degree arm pole mount or junction box accessory for a wire-tucked streamlined install.

Pendant Mount - Pendant mounting is another option for jelly jar lighting fixtures. To facilitate this type of mounting, seal the ring until the lamp body and the joint are tightened in the junction box, then tighten the set screw. After this, you’ll want to pass the connector through the cable, screw in the steel tube, tighten the set screw, and then thread the cable through the spacer.

Division 1 Class 1 Lights

Chart showing the different classifications for explosion proof lighting, and the typical environments each would be used for

The industrial jelly jar light fixtures we carry are Class 1 Division 1 (C1D1) certified. This means that these fixtures are designed to withstand flammable gasses, vapor, or liquids, as well as lower risk particles such as combustible dusts and ignitable fibers/flyings. In other words, these lighting fixtures can operate in virtually any environment as long as they aren’t completely submerged.

Vapor Proof Jelly Jar Light Fixtures

Jelly jar lights with cage protection on the fixture are also considered vapor tight lights. These fixtures are IP66 certified to withstand areas that are exposed to wet or moist conditions. Some characteristics of an IP66 Rating includes,

  • Total protection from dust, oil, and non-corrosive material
  • Total protection from contact with enclosed equipment
  • Protection from water and powerful jet streams of water

Due to the vapor proof nature of jelly jars, it’s not uncommon to find these fixtures throughout shipyards, and within marine vessels as well as other marine environments.