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Explosion Proof Vapor Tight Strip Lights

LED Vapor Tight Lights For Hazardous Areas

Our explosion proof LED vapor tight strip lights are Class 1 Division 1 & Division 2 certified to withstand exposure to liquids, combustible dusts, and other harsh environments. These explosion proof linear style vapor proof lights provide high quality illumination from ceilings, pendants, or pole mounts on certain applications.

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Explosion Proof LED Vapor Tight Fixtures

An explosion proof vapor proof LED strip light is a linear style light that’s specifically designed to operate in some of the harshest indoor and outdoor environments. The fixture comes in several lengths including 2 feet and 4 feet and generally has a width of around 1 foot.

The straight linear design of this fixture produces a rectangular beam of light. The fixture comes with a PC cover to reinforce the light against vapor, water, dust, and corrosion. The fixtures we carry are resistant to each of these elements.

Unlike regular LED vapor proof lights, these explosion proof fixtures are more heavy duty and are able to operate in environments that are exposed to combustible particles/liquids. Explosion proof vapor tight lighting comes into play when there are flammable gasses or ignitable fibers within the environment.

Explosion Proof Vapor Tight Lighting Applications

Explosion proof vapor tight lights are highly versatile blast proof lighting fixtures that are most commonly mounted on ceilings and used to cast illumination below. This fixture can also be mounted on walls with or without a junction box and can even be pole mounted. As a result, there are a very wide range of applications for this type of light. Here are some of the most common uses,

An oil refinery is shown with piping and storage tanks illuminated by explosion proof LED lighting fixtures
Oil Refinery

A power plant is shown with steam coming out of the exhaust stacks, illustrating the importance of explosion proof lighting and electrical shielding
Power Generation

A metal foundry and treatment plant is shown pouring liquid metal into a casing mold, illuminated by explosion proof LED lights
Metal Treatment

A stack of grain silos is shown, illuminated by explosion proof LED lights to protect against spontaneous combustion of grain dust
Food Industry

Class 1 Division 1/Division 2 Lights

Chart showing the different classifications for explosion proof lighting, and the typical environments each would be used for

Our linear shaped LED lights for hazardous areas are Class 1 Division 1 (C1D1) and/or Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) certified. This means that these fixtures are designed to withstand flammable gasses, vapor, or liquids, as well as lower risk particles such as combustible dusts and ignitable fibers/flyings. In other words, these lighting fixtures can operate in virtually any hazardous environment.


Surface Mounting - Surface mounting is the standard form of mounting for LED explosion proof vapor tight strip lights. This simply means that the fixture is mounted onto a flat surface, typically a ceiling using the default mounting options provided within the fixture packaging.

Pendant Mounting - LED Vapor tight explosion proof lights can also be mounted to the ceiling using a standard hook pendant mount similar to how linear LED high bays are typically mounted and suspended with a chain.

Pole Mounting - Explosion proof vapor tight strip lights can also be mounted on light poles either inside or outside a facility. You can install this fixture to a light pole by punch tapping on the top of the mounting bracket and tightening the set screw onto the pole and using the chain to balance the fixture. The pole length can be adjustable. There’s an optional mounting bracket.