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Power Plant Lighting

LED Power Plant Lights

Shore view of a power plant with lights illuminating the exterior

Having properly designed power plant lighting fixtures is of the utmost importance. Without adequate lighting, stray sparks can set off a buildup of flammable gasses and materials and ultimately cause an improperly designed fixture to explode. As a result, we carry specialized explosion proof lighting to protect workers and ensure proper illumination.

Explosion Proof High Bays

Use inside the power plant in high ceiling areas typically 15 feet or higher.

The front of an explosion proof high bay
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Explosion Proof Flood Lights

Use around the exterior of the power plant. These can mount to walls, ceilings, or on poles.

Side view of an explosion proof flood light
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Explosion Proof Linear Lights

Suspended ceiling lights for use inside the plant, typically on ceilings under 15 feet high

Front view of a 1x4 linear explosion proof light
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Jelly Jar Lights

Specialized light bulbs encased in a metal cage to ensure shatterproof resistance

Explosion proof jelly jar
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Vapor Tight Lights

Linear fixtures with an extra layer of protection against water vapor

Vapor Tight Explosion Proof light
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Power Plant Lighting Information

The perimeter of an operational power plant facility with visible lights mounted in different areas outside

Environments containing explosive materials, flammable gasses, vapors or dust require the shielding of any possible ignition source in order to maintain a safe workplace. Like any other industrial environment, power plants often handle combustible materials such as coal, natural gas or oil. As a result, the light fixtures used for power plant lighting must meet a number of different requirements.

These requirements include being specifically designed and certified as explosion proof per the UL 844 Standard. Explosion proof lights have two primary classes with two separate divisions.

Class 1, Division 1 - Division 1 locations are classified as areas where flammable gas/vapors are present in the surrounding atmosphere during normal operation.

Class 1, Division 2 - Division 2 locations are when flammable gas/vapors are confined within containers or closed systems during normal operation and may be leaked to the surrounding atmosphere during abnormal operation.

Environments for the three classes with two divisions of explosion proof lighting.  The chart lists applications such as oil rigs in class 1, coal mines in class 2, and paper mills in class 3

The type and mixture of dust particles affect zone classification. As a result, different types of explosion proof lighting fixtures are necessary depending on the application and area. We carry virtually every major type of explosion proof lighting fixture to ensure adequate protection throughout the interior and exterior of power plants.

Indoor Power Plant Lighting

Power plants are large facilities with many different sections and rooms. These rooms include the turbine room, pump room, pipelines, fuel mill, and various other areas depending on the type of power plant operation. Common types of power plants include nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants, and coal based power plants. Regardless of the type, it’s necessary to use explosion proof lighting fixtures that can mount to ceilings and walls within the facility.

Jelly Jar Lights - Explosion proof jelly jar lights are light bulbs that are reinforced by a shatterproof metal caging. These versatile fixtures are a great way to cast illumination from close proximity areas such as walls or low ceilings.

Explosion Proof Linear Lights - Linear lights with explosion proof design properties are great for casting a broad area of illumination from low to medium ceiling heights.

Explosion Proof High Bays - Explosion proof high bay lighting fixtures are used for casting illumination from medium to high ceiling heights. These ceiling heights typically range from 15 to 40 feet.

Outdoor Power Plant Lighting

Outdoor power plant lighting involves using specially designed explosion proof lighting fixtures that can mount on the ground, on poles, or on exterior building walls throughout the facility.

Explosion Proof Flood Lights - LED flood light fixtures are a versatile type of light that can project illumination in a spotlight fashion. These fixtures can be mounted on exterior walls. They can also mount to poles, flat surfaces, or even on ceilings.

Explosion Proof Vapor Tight Lights - Explosion Proof Vapor Tight Fixtures contain an extra layer of protection to ensure durability in wet areas. These lights can also mount to poles or simply be propped up on outdoor ceilings such as stairwells, parking structures, or canopies.