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High Power LED Flood Lights

High Power Outdoor LED Flood Lights

For certain outdoor lighting applications, the use of high powered LED flood lights is the only practical solution to fulfill illumination requirements. Our high powered flood lights are the cutting edge of performance, precision and durability.

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About High Power Flood Lights

Flood lights operate in some of the harshest environments imaginable for lighting, with extreme temperature swings, all types of weather and the risk of external damage from animals and object impacts such as hail, rocks, etc. They also need to fulfill demanding lighting application requirements, especially when it comes to applications requiring the lumen output of high powered flood lights. The lights we offer are designed with all this in mind, engineered for excellence and provide exceptional lumen output that covers a wide area. All of our lights feature a durable powder coated aluminum housing that protects the sensitive electronic components from impacts, moisture and any conceivable weather conditions. This IP67 rated enclosure ensures low maintenance, trouble free operation for a minimum of a 50,000 hour rated service life, saving operators both the time and costs normally associated with traditional flood light fixtures.

Mounting For High Power Flood Lights

Despite their large size, these lights are easily adaptable to any mounting situation thanks to their dual mounting tabs at the base of the fixture. This allows for attachment to existing mounting systems, or for a nearly infinite amount of customized mounting options depending on application needs. Because most of these lights are mounted high off the ground, they are typically affixed to light poles and posts. Because most of the installations are in specialty applications such as airports, sports stadiums and large scale parking lots, many of these lights have custom mounting configurations that allow them to be seamlessly integrated into existing structures. Often, they are mounted in pairs or other types of multi-fixture configurations in order to provide wide lighting coverage, especially for parking lots and other applications requiring 360° coverage.

Large Parking Lot Lighting

High powered LED flood lights mounted on the sides of aircraft maintenance facilities next to the airports apron area. These lights are clearly illuminating the area for ground crews.

One of the most popular applications for high powered flood lights are large parking lots and outdoor parking facilities. For these applications, it is more cost effective and energy efficient to utilize several high powered flood light fixtures than it is to have a large number of smaller fixtures. Additionally, the lumen output they provide is second to none, ensuring maximum visibility and safety to parking users. This not only makes for a more pleasant experience, but it reduces potential liabilities from accidents that would otherwise be avoidable with proper parking lot lighting.

Airport Lighting

High powered LED flood lights on an airport tower roof illuminating the large parking lot in the surrounding area.

Airports are another popular application for high powered flood lights, particularly larger metro airports that operate around the clock all year round. Because of the obvious safety hazards associated with taxiing aircraft, maintenance areas and general airport grounds, proper lighting is absolutely essential. These facilities require powerful lighting to illuminate areas such as airport aprons where planes are loaded and de-iced by ground crews to ensure accurate work and reduce the risk of accidents. Other areas surrounding airport aprons such as baggage handling facilities and maintenance crew faculties also require strong lighting to ensure an efficient and safe working environment, keeping flight operations smooth and on schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are high powered flood lights?
These are a specific sub-category of flood light type lights, providing exceptionally high lumen output over a broad area. As the largest and most powerful type of flood light, they are usually reserved for the most demanding of applications that require maximum lighting output. Traditionally utilizing HID technology, they have slowly transitioned into modern LED technology in order to improve performance while lowering energy and maintenance costs.

Q. Where are high powered flood lights used?
Generally speaking, these lights are normally only used in outdoor applications demanding maximum lumen outputs. In these applications, the primary goal is lighting performance, with size and energy efficiency being secondary concerns. Typically, high powered flood lights are seen in applications such as sports fields, stadiums, large parking lots, race tracks and high security areas.

Q. What is the high powered led flood light 1500 watt equivalent?
While the exact wattage and size can vary by model and manufacturer, generally speaking the 300 and 400 watt size flood lights are considered to be the performance equivalent to traditional 1500 watt HID flood lights, based on their lumen outputs. The massive reduction in power consumption by utilizing LED technology can save users up to 80% in their annual energy bills, making them an especially smart choice for applications involving multiple fixtures.