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Tennis Court Lighting

LED Tennis Court Lights

We carry a variety of top quality indoor and outdoor LED tennis court lights that are protected against dust and harsh weather. These commercial quality lights provide bright illumination with high energy efficiency that’s dispersed with a specialized lens to avoid distracting athletes. Browse our selection of pickleball court lights or get a free professional lighting plan from our sports lighting experts.

What is Tennis Court Lighting?

Tennis court lighting refers to the specific type of lighting used in both indoor and outdoor tennis courts to ensure optimal visibility, safety, and enjoyment for players. Appropriate illumination is critical for players to be able to clearly see the ball, the boundaries of the court, and their opponents, whether they're engaging in a recreational match or a competitive tournament.

What Kind of Lights Are Used For Tennis Courts?

For indoor tennis courts, you can use either UFO high bay lights or linear high bay lights. These lights are often used in conjunction with a wire-guard accessory to protect the light from the tennis ball.

For outdoor tennis courts, you’ll want to use LED sports lights or LED flood lights with sufficient power to illuminate the area.

Professional Tennis Court Lighting Design

Here’s an example of a 3D tennis court lighting photometric design constructed by our professional lighting engineers. This example shows an LED lighting conversion for an existing combination tennis court In this example, seven 300W area lights with 30 ft high poles were used for illumination.

3D rendering of an outdoor tennis court at night
Wide angle of a 3D rendering of an outdoor tennis court at night

Tennis Court Lighting Requirements

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) provides a set of guidelines for tennis court lighting in its publication "IES RP-6-15: Sports and Recreational Area Lighting".

The guidelines consider several factors, such as the level of competition (recreational, training, regional/national/international competition), the speed of play, the size and color of the ball, and the age of players, among other things.

Recreational Level: For recreational play, the IES suggests a lighting level of 300 lux (approximately 30 foot-candles).

Training and Club Play: For training and club competition, the recommended lighting level is 500 lux (approximately 50 foot-candles).

Professional Level: For regional, national, or international competition, the lighting levels could be as high as 750 lux (approximately 70 foot-candles) or even higher.

These recommendations apply to the overall illuminance of the court. For uniformity of light, the IES recommends a minimum uniformity ratio of 2:1 (average to minimum). The lights should be positioned to minimize glare for players and spectators, and the fixtures should be designed to control spill light to prevent light pollution.

Indoor Tennis Court Court Lighting

When it comes to indoor tennis court lighting, the objective is to deliver uniform, bright lighting that minimizes shadows and prevents glare. Both the court itself and the surrounding areas need to be adequately illuminated. LED lights are commonly selected due to their energy efficiency, longevity, high quality of light, and reduced heat output.

The surface of the court should be well-lit to ensure the ball and boundary lines are easily discernible. It's also critical to consider the light's color rendering index (CRI), which assesses the quality of light in relation to its accuracy in color reproduction. A high CRI is advantageous in a tennis court setting as it improves the visibility of the brightly colored balls typically used in the game.

We provide indoor tennis court lights that are dust-protected and incorporate a specialized lens to distribute the light in a manner that’s bright without compromising player visibility. These lighting fixtures are often referred to as LED UFO High Bays and LED Linear Fixtures.

Outdoor Tennis Court Lighting

Outdoor tennis courts require meticulous lighting considerations. Lights should be installed to reduce shadows and glare, which can impact visibility. High-intensity floodlights are frequently employed to illuminate the courts for evening or nighttime play.

The specific lighting requirements of a tennis court can depend on numerous factors, including the size of the court, whether the court is used for recreational or competitive play, and any local regulations or standards. As such, it's advisable to consult with a professional lighting designer or an experienced court operator when setting up lighting for a tennis court.

We provide outdoor tennis court lights that carry an IP66 rating to endure any harsh weather conditions. These lighting fixtures are also referred to as LED Sports Flood Lights.